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Jetpack Basics

6 Aug

This class is for everyone! You’ll learn some email tricks, how to use an online calendar and task manager, and how to get everything working on a smartphone. Even if you’re not running your own business, the tools covered in Jetpack basics can keep the time spent on your computer to a minimum. No more spam, folders that make sense, and calendars you can share with your whole family. This is the perfect computer class for the non computer person. For those of you with businesses, these tools will be built on in depth in further classes, and are required for your continued Jetpack education.


Jetpack Scheduling

6 Aug

This class is all about getting your phone to stop ringing. We’ll look at online booking and why it’s a wonderful thing, and set up your free trial account. We’ll link everything back to your existing online calendar, and make sure everything syncs back to your smartphone. We’ll also make sure your personal life is in your online calendar, and get everything running smoothly. This class is a prerequisite to Jetpack Marketing.

Jetpack Finances

6 Aug

This class is for the small business person who’s sick of tax season. We’ll look at online spreadsheets, and how to pay quarterly taxes. We’ll also look at modern, online banking practices, and save you from ever getting another bounced check fee. Financial stress can be a thing of the past, and taxes will be something you do with your friends and a glass of wine!

Jetpack Marketing

6 Aug

This segment is for small businesses that have everything ready, and need to get folks in the door. We’ll have a quick look at your overall branding (business card, website, etc.), but focus primarily on coupon companies like LivingSocial, Bloomspot, and Plumdistrict. We’ll construct a package that’s attractive to company representatives, and discuss the basics of negotiation. We’ll also cover the math behind a successful coupon campaign, and how you can use a coupon push to build your business, not destroy it. At the end of class, you’ll be provided with the contact details of coupon company representatives, and can even negotiate your first deal in class!