Your business. Your technology. Effortless efficiency.

I am on a mission to teach you how to use your technology better. If you’re interesetd in streamlining your email, figuring out your smartphone, or building your first website, I can guide you along the way.

Working together in a private or group class, we’ll customize each session
to cover what interests you most. You’ll use your own computer and learn
hands on. No worksheets, no wasted time. Whether you prefer an hour
working on taxes or a half day learning about email marketing, I’m here to
help you learn by doing, not make you feel stupid.


  • Build and manage your own website
  • Impliment simple money and tax management
  • Learn Email marketing
  • Learn smartphone tricks
  • Manage your emails
  • Create online client booking 
  • Accept payments online
  • Use online calendars
  • Streamline everything

Want to learn more?
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